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   Kondor Animations SDK
   Kondor Animations SDK
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   Kondor Animations SDK
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   Kondor Animations SDK

Products 01
The simple way to ...
  • Scale
  • Translate
  • Skew
  • Rotate
  • Fade on/off
  • Flip
  • Play with Colors and Gradients
  • Introduce effects
  • ... and much more


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Let your applications make a quantum leap creating a more attractive approach to the user's experience.

Products 02
How to start
Include the 'Kondor Animation SDK' into your .NET project.

Start to animate the elements composing your App with few lines in the code behind.

Take a look to the 'How To' section to begin working faster.
All can be a game
People are naturally attracted from games.

Create a dynamic graphical user interface where the experience is like a game can do the difference.

'Kondor Animation SDK' is the faster way to do it.
Products 03
Products 04
Cause I'm happy
'Kondor Animation SDK' is an easy, fast and dynamic way to create animations for your apps.

It can really help you to improve the code in your projects and to save time and money.

Try it for free and make a smile!!

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